Benefits Of Vitamin A – Importance For Health, Sources, Risks


Vitamin A, an essential and very necessary part of health. It plays an important role to maintain our health, activeness, and reproductive power. It has several functions like growth, development, maintains and improves the immune system and most importantly for good vision.

As all of you know that every person lives a very busy life these days, the stressful time you face at every minute of life. In such conditions, it becomes more important to be more careful about your body and health. To fulfill this purpose, there are many nutrients and minerals.

Today I want to aware of the importance, sources as well as benefits of Vitamin A.


Vitamin A Benefits

Many vitamins, minerals, and many more nutrients like this are very important to form your body powerful and keep healthy. Vitamin A is one of them. There are so many benefits and important factors of it.

For Eyes

It is very important for the eye’s health. It is a must for your clear eye vision. It protects the cornea of an eye which is most important for vision.

It is an integral part of eye vision, most importantly for the clear night vision. To keep your eyes healthy, take this vitamin in your diet in the proper amount.

For Skin

It is very helpful in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. It helps in the skin’s immune system. If your body is rich with this vitamin, your wounds and injuries will be healed very easily. In other words, your healing power increases.

Natural moistures in your skin increases with the help of this nutrient. Because of moistures, your skin begins to glow. The hydrating power of skin enhances.

One more effective point in favor of this vitamin is that it helps in preventing wrinkles on your skin because of it your skin remains tight and full of shine.

For Immunity

It gives you the strength to face the weather’s ups and downs. It gives you the power to go through all the bad conditions of weather without any bad impact on you.

It may help to low the risk of cancer conditions too. It may escape you and empower you from the crucial state of cancer.

At the same time, it also supports your bone health. Strong bones are the base of a strong body and this vitamin helps you in that case.

You have come to know about the benefits of Vitamin A. But there will be one query in your mind from where you can get it. What are the sources of this?

how to get
how to get

Vitamin A Sources

So don’t worry, Now I am telling you the sources of Vitamin A. Its sources are very simple and easy to get.

There is no need for hard work or wander here and there in search of its sources. Most of them are available in your home.

So let’s start

  1. Carrots – Carrots are the best and easy to get a source of this vitamin. Its form is beta-carotene that is an essential healthy antioxidant. For good and clear eyesight, you should eat carrots daily. Carrots must be added to your daily diet. It helps in boosting your immune system as well.
  2. Spinach – Green leafy vegetables are very rich in Vitamin A. You can easily get spinach in winters. Now it is available in summers also. You must eat spinach in any form either soup or vegetable. It fulfills all the need for your strong immune system.
  3. Sweet Potatoes – the root vegetables like sweet potatoes are a good source of it. A little amount of sweet potatoes is able to give you a large amount of this vitamin. It can give you 384% of your daily need for it.
  4. Lettuce – it is a green leafy vegetable and it can enhance the look and taste of any dish. It is also helpful in the completion of your need for this nutrient.
  5. Cantaloupe – if you want to take low calories vegetables full of Vitamin A, you can eat cantaloupe. It gives you 68 % this vitamin according to your daily needs.
  6. Bell Peppers – Bell Peppers are full of this nutrient. You can take them as salads or as a vegetable. They complete your daily requirement of it if you add them to your daily diet.
  7. Grapefruit – if you want to eat something juicy or something different, you can take grapefruit. It increases your immunity with the help of this. So take it to boost your immune system.
  8. Broccoli – Broccoli is rich in this vitamin. So you should add this to your diet positively.
  9. Papaya – if you like papaya, it is good for you because papaya is a good source of vitamin A. You can eat it raw or in any form as you like. It completes 30 % of the recommended rate of this vitamin for your body.

There are some more sources of this, you can add in your diet. These are milk, yellow fruits, butter, cheese, and eggs. These all have the power to fulfill your body’s requirement of this necessary vitamin.


There are two types of this available in the market. These types are retinoids and carotenoids. Both can be found in edible foods and vegetables.

Do you know how much quantity of Vitamin A is required for daily life?

If no, I tell you that the right amount of it depends on age and gender. 900 mcg for men and 700 mcg for women is recommended value of Vitamin A for per day and this amount of it can easily be completed by rich sources of it.

I have told you all the main sources of Vitamin A. If you add these sources in your diet, you will never face the bad results that occurred by the deficiency of this vitamin.

deficiency results
deficiency results


Now I want to inform you if you ignore the importance and utility of this vitamin for the health of your body or you take an overdose of it, you can have to face worse results of this.

Vitamin A deficiency can lead you towards weak eyesight, dry eyes, blindness, skin problems, and diarrhea. Hair loss is also a problem you can face. The chances of your weakness or falling sick are increased. Because of the deficiency of it, you will become too weak to face the weather changes and fall ill very soon.

Overdose results

However it the basic need for the healthy formation of your body, but it can be harmful if it is consumed in a heavy dose. A large amount of this vitamin can cause nausea or vomiting.

Therefore, its deficiency and its overdose both are not in favor of your good health. It is important to take it in the right amount even then you can enjoy its benefits.

so you see how important and effective Vitamin A is. if you are a health lover and want to be healthy and strong to your whole life, be aware and take this in the recommended amount positively.


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