Successful Career Through Digital Marketing and Digital Media


Hello everyone, Today i want to talk about how to create a career in DIGITAL MARKETING and DIGITAL MEDIA, What are digital marketing and digital media ? What are the pros and cons of both of them ?

What are the benefits of online promotions for businesses and brands. How can you make your career through internet marketing and social media and get a bright future ?

So let’s come to know about all advance functions of digital marketing and digital media for you and for your career.

Digital Media
Digital media

What is Digital Media

At present time, media is the greatest mean of communication and it is based of internet. Internet is an electronic medium of communication, promotion, information and entertainment. As every user is busy with
internet across the globe. Text, audio, video, newspaper, tv network, magazines etc. all are in the category of digital media that are shown on a website or in the form of a blog.


What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an online marketing of products and services on some platforms like google, facebook, twitter etc. These websites are based on knowledge and entertainment with connectivity of people.

There are so many people who are using websites for everything they demand which you can provide to them through using digital and latest technologies like mobile phones, display advertising etc. based on internet.

You can run ads of your product or services on Social media platform and search engines which you can delivered also through digital channels such as email, mobile apps, social
media, websites etc.

What is difference between Digital Media and Digital Marketing ?

There is a very thin line of difference between Digital media and Digital Marketing. The main difference is that social media / digital media is a part of digital marketing.

There is a huge misunderstanding among people that they think when they are active on social media, they are doing digital  marketing but this is not true.

Digital Marketing is very vast platform where you can do many activities like promotion of any product or services in so many ways, you can run so many campaigns for your product or services. There are so many elements that form a digital marketing.

Some ways how you can become a successful Digital Marketer :

First of all you should learn the grip of your data that it is going on in which direction. You should know how can you attract more and more your targeted audience and what is the strategy for your business.

There are two ways to promote your product / business with Digital Marketing that are free activities or paid campaign. This depends on your choice or requirement what way you choose and how much you can spend.

Some Modules of Digital Marketing
  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )
  • SEM ( Search Engine Marketing )
  • SMM ( Social Media Marketing )
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Smartphone Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Viral Marketing

You should know how to promote your brand and business through the technique of email messages and how to convince your targeted audience using this great facility of promotion.

You should do more and more visual marketing. Upload your product’s images through several ways of digital marketing and come to know how people react for your brand.

Add some content / information / specialties of your product along with its images, tell your audience about your business / services / product and try to convince them to purchase your

You have to be great in knowledge about the latest technologies of digital marketing so that you can promote your business/product more effectively and reach more and more targeted audience.

jobs for digital marketer
jobs for digital marketer
Some Jobs for Digital Marketer
  •  Analytics Manager.
  • CRM and Email Marketing Manager.
  •  Digital Agency Account Manager.
  •  Sales director.
  •  Copywritter.
  •  Web Manager.
  •  Ecommerce Manager.
  •  Search Manager

How can you start your career in Digital Media :

  •  Create an online presence – These days, any kind of job, you search, requires your online presence. In digital media field, it is very important because first preference for any employer is to search able applicants on internet and if he find you online and you are enough qualified for the job, your life becomes set.
  •  Know the latest trends – There is no stability in Digital media, it is continuously move on and changeable so it is important that if you are choosing it as your career, you should aware about every change and technology of digital media. To make fruitful career in this field, you need to spend more of your time to know all ups and down of it otherwise you will loose the chance.
  • Use your creativity – Digital media is based on your creativity and there are so many ways that gives you many opportunities to use your creativity. You can give your personal touch to any project to make it more creative and unique.
  • Create a winning resume – You should create a dynamic resume which shows your all skills, talent before applying  for a job. Your first impression is based on an impressive resume that an employer see. Your resume is like a mirror of your personality.
  • Networking – Remain in digital media market, it is important to be active online and get your name there and for this purpose networking is the best option. By doing so, not only people will remember you, but you can get great connections that can help you in many ways throughout your career. Through networking, people will come to know about your qualification, skills and your specialties too that will lead you towards a great career.
  • Learn about analytics – If you want to remain in digital media market, you need to understand all ups and downs of your marketing campaigns. How well or how badly your campaigns are going on, you should know everything about it. This helps you to make things better next time.
  • Get some experience – For a good career, you should have experience. For this purpose, you should do some unpaid or small jobs, side jobs and help others in any kind of projects that will give you plenty of experience. This is called time investment for long term benefits.
  • Certification – Anyone can make his / her career in digital media market without any degree. But in these days there are so many institutes that give you certificates for digital courses which make you the best candidate for the job.
  • You should started your career from bottom level job in spite of you have high level degrees, training, skills etc. because no one can reach upon the top stairs at once. Every one needs to climb the stair of his / her career from one step to another.

 why should you choose Digital Marketing for your career ?

I want to tell you that social media promotions through digital marketing is an easy and great tool to promote your any business if you are in a business field. It is best way to promote. It makes not only very easy to deliver your services to your customers but improves your relations with them also. You can give a great variety and choice to your customer, according to customer’s need and taste sitting at one place.

I think there are different kinds of Career Opportunity with digital marketing according to different classes such as

  •  For Job Seekers
  •  Working Professionals
  •  Business owners

For Job Seekers

If you know the tactics of digital marketing, You have no need to worry for a job, you don’t need to look for a job. There are so  many or every company which need digital marketer.

Companies themselves approach you and appoint you at a better post in the field of Digital Marketing. With your great skill in the Online marketing you perform very well and secure a bright future.

Your knowledge as well as your determination to do something in digital field make you able to get more and more job’s call and crack any kind of interviews. After some time you will see that your career is growing at a Good speed.

For Professionals

In this category, here comes so many people who already do some job or business. But you are not satisfied with that because everyone needs high salary or much profit. If you are working from last 5 to 10 year in a same field you become best in that field but you want to do something more, something new.

In any new starting age does not matter to learn anything but the only condition is your determination to be more successful. Do you know that to find this goal, internet is the best key.

Now  a days every company is adopting digital marketing to take its business, its profession at a very high level. Digital marketing offers you so many ways to spread your profession and to be familiar to a large number of people. This helps you to increase your list of customers in any country or any place.

For Business Owners

The benefit of digital marketing is to connect your product or business to the related audience directly using its many platforms. You have no need to take so much botheration how to find out the customers for your product and how to promote your business .Just pick the one and more ways of social media promotion and the Digital Marketing is all yours.

Digital marketing gives very vast space to all and any kind of businesses to be popular at very affordable prices. There is no need to spend so much money. You can start your business at a very low level. And as more and more people become connected with your business, your financial capacity increases day by day.

The benefit of Digital Marketing is that your business becomes worldwide using Digital Media and several ways of it.


Difference Between Traditional and Digital Marketing

Now you will think what is the difference between traditional and digital marketing? Both are seems to be same.

But the truth is that digital marketing is more different than traditional marketing. In other words, you can say that digital marketing is much better that traditional marketing.
How, i explain the difference for you

  •  In traditional marketing, you don’t have a direct interaction with your customers, whereas in digital marketing, you can interact, target and engage with your customers directly through email massages, social media Promotions.
  • You can connect with your targeted audience instantly in DIGITAL MARKETING but in traditional marketing you can’t.
  •  In these days, the people who are busy with traditional marketing, are going into losses, no great profits.
    whereas people who are using digital marketing, have no time to spend freely that means you are so busy in continuous growth.
  • In traditional marketing, owner has to wait for a customer but does not feel satisfied but in digital market there are so many ways to sell your product and find extremely  good results.

Now you can see yourself that digital marketing is more beneficial for you and your business than traditional marketing.

Top 10 types of Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO is the first way, through it you can attract more and more traffic to your website by getting ranking on google or other search engines. You can get first position on search Engine’s Through Search Engine Optimization
  •  Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Second thing is SEM through it you can advertise for your product and make it appear among paid search results. You can get first ranking on Search Engine by paying google through google adwords.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Social media is the best way for digital marketing in 21st century. It is not only the way to promote your business but the way for people to keep in touch with others also. There are so many platforms in social media that you can choose according to your requirement. It is like the marketing channel.
  • Content Marketing – It is the another way of digital marketing that you can choose to promote your business online. Through it you are directly connected with your viewers, interact with them by adding a
    content for your business/product based on keywords to achieve the best results.
  • Email Marketing – It is different type of marketing as  you can connect with your customers through Email. It is oldest but the best way to promote your brand and increase the traffic to your website.
  • Online Advertising – Online Advertising is the method that digital marketer often use. They run ads on their website, display banners of the product. Using this platform, they can aware more and more people about their business/product.
  •  Landing Page Marketing – Landing pages are the web pages on which visitors first come. Landing pages are equal to homepages. Digital Marketers link landing pages of other websites to their ads display as banners so that more and more visitors see and engage with them.
  • Smartphone Marketing – People use their smart phones whole day so this is the easy way to reach people through text messages, free apps etc. Smart Marketing is an incredible technique to promote your business online.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is the easy way of business as you have no need to take botheration of marketing work load. The only thing you should do is to paste link of other’s product on your website. Customers see and click the product’s link and redirect the owner’s page and you can earn commission after  the deal is closed.
  • Viral Marketing – Viral marketing makes you able to use all the mentioned types of digital marketing. To make a successful viral marketing campaign, you need to promote your content or business using many channels like youtube, twitter, blogs etc.

So you see that there are so many ways for digital marketers to promote their business or product. You can choose any one of them and earn profit without roaming here and there.

Wrapping up i hope, this information is very important and useful for all of you and you will understand the efficiency and great scope of digital marketing and digital media.

Just understand the rules and regulations of digital marketing and enjoy the benefits of digital marketing and digital media by form your career through it and by take your business online.

The purpose of Digital Marketing is to make everyone capable, everyone is on the path of progress and make the market more transparent for users.


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