Freelancing – How To Earn More Money As A Freelancer


What is freelancing? Is it a part of a job and a source of income? Can it be taken as a career? It is obvious to be keen to know everything about the field like Freelancing which you are choosing as your career or even though as a part-time job.

Therefore, I am here to satisfied your thrust to know about Freelancing.

Freelancing is like a part-time job which you can continue along with other jobs. A freelancer is a volunteer who offers services on the basis of his own desire, not for any company.

Doing his main job, he can offer services and handle many clients at one time as a part-time job or in order to earn more money. For his services, he can charge hourly or on a daily basis.

Though we know that Freelancing is not a long term job, it is based on short term services. Even if you are interested to do it, but don’t know how to start freelancing, there is so much confusion in that part, I will tell you how to become best freelancer with good opportunity.

how to start freelancing
how to start freelancing

How To Start Freelancing

There may be a confusion in your mind how to start freelancing business whereas you are already doing a job. To clear this confusion, you should make a plan and follow it. Some points, I am telling you below, must be included in your strategy.

  • First of all, you should be clear in your mind what do you want to do. What is your aim and what do you want to grab? Clarity and determination are very necessary to do anything in your life. After that, you are able to think about how to complete your goals.
  • Nowadays, the market is so competitive. There are so many services needed and offered by many people. In that case, it is a bit a little difficult for you to choose the field with which you want to connect yourself and offer your services. In order to make it easy, you should observe the market and then select the desired field related to your services.
  • In the market, many person search people who want to do work as a volunteer. So select such clients for you.
  • After preparing your plan and everything to start freelancing business, you should set charges rates for your services, you would offer.
  • To get searched and connected with clients easily, you should build an impressive portfolio website. So that clients easily can come to know about you and your services, you can offer and can contact you. Mention all the services clearly on your website, you can deliver.
  • It is quite possible that there would be a mob of clients on your website. But it is up to you whom you should choose. According to your desire, interest and of course, after deep thinking, you should select clients.
  • The services, you offer, should be done by you with full honesty and dedication so that many clients want to connect with you and you can reserve a high place on the internet in the competitive market.
  • This is very necessary that you should maintain a balance between your day job and your freelancing business. Don’t ignore your day job’s priorities and responsibilities and don’t mix them.

Skills Needed For Freelancing

In any job, business or service, skills are must in every field. Without abilities, any skills, you can’t do anything. This rule is also applicable in the field of freelancing business as this is a growing business in the coming days. Some skills are required for this volunteer job. These are:

  • Marketing – marketing is the first and foremost need and rule for the progress of any business. the success of any business depends on a perfect marketing strategy and how to present your product or service. Nowadays marketing has become easy and effectively done with the help of social media like email, facebook, SEO, etc. A freelancer must be perfect and efficient how to use all these social platforms.
  • Writing – to express and explain anything with the help of writing skills is a necessity for a freelancer. Through writing skills, you can mold a simple thing into an interesting one and this is required for a business’s growth.
  • Web designer – the user interface of web pages are designed by web designer. You can try in this field as a freelancer because this has also a broad scope for your career and the demand for this kind of skill is growing on day by day.
  • Photography – these days, everyone has a smartphone with a camera. In online business, photos play an important role. The credit of the first impact of any product on the user goes to pictures. If you are good in clicking smart photos, you can be in demand in the freelancing field.
  • Knowledge of accounts – you can work as an accountant as a part-time job but you have great knowledge of how to maintain accounts of any business or company. Accountants are in high demand these days.
  • How to tackle clients – this is a tough task but you should have a talent for how to deal with customers and clients. Good service towards your clients is the priority of any business. there are many opportunities for work which you can do after your working hours.
  • Sales – there are many companies that prefer independent sales for their products. They need and hire such people who can go door to door to sell their brand or product. This is another option to increase sales.

These are some of the skills which are required for a freelancer. If you have any one of the talent or ability, so you can choose the field of freelancing.

freelancing sites
freelancing sites

Now we will discuss about clients from where you will get work.

Some Websites For Freelance

We know that in the modern time, everyone wants to utilize every single minute of his life or wants to upgrade the level of his life, freelancing is the latest opportunity for this purpose.

If you have an interest in doing something different from your daily routine job or as a part-time work but you have no idea from where you will get the clients. How to marketing your skills or services? How people will come to know about you?

No need to worry because there are many freelancing websites to solve this problem. Here I am highlighting some of them:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. com
  4. PeoplePerHour
  5. Toptal
  6. com
  7. DesignCrowd
  8. TaskRabbit
  9. Nexxt
  10. Hireable
  11. WriterAccess
  12. Bark
  13. Skyword
  14. 99Designs
  15. Gigstar

From these websites, you can choose multiple platforms and start your freelancing work.

benefits of freelance
benefits of freelance

Positive Sides Of Freelancing Career

There are so many reasons and benefits for which you can choose freelancing as a part-time job. This field is full of benefits as you can do it along with your job, it can be done by phone also.

Sometimes the benefits of freelancing are according to gender as female freelancers have their own point of view towards benefits and males have their own.

Freelancing increases employment. People who are not getting a full-time job or who are not satisfied with their job can become a freelancer.

Freelancer searches and connects many new clients for the company or any individual. So this is beneficial for the industry.

It is the field that students can also choose. Many students are there who don’t want to depend on their parents, don’t like to push themselves on their parents, want to help parents in their study’s expenses. In other and simple words, want to become self-dependent, freelancing is an open and easy way for such kinds of people.

It is an affordable job, depends on your interest, hobby and you can manage it according to your time as well.

Your social circle increases just because of freelancing as there is direct communication with the clients. No mediator in this field.


Every business has its drawback or dark sides also so I am telling you about some of the drawbacks of freelancing

Drawbacks And Shortcomings Of Freelance Business

Everything has a positive side as well as a negative side too. Freelancing business is full of many advantages but at the same time, a freelancer has to face many problems.

A Freelancer has no job security as he is doing this job on his own desire and as a part-time work. He is not paid his salary on time. His salary is less than as permanent or full-time employees but you can also earn more if you work more.

He does not get any benefits of employment and permanent job like provident fund, pension, bonuses or health insurance, etc.

One more disadvantage of it is the difference and discrimination between the salary of male and female freelancer.

But overall, in spite of having some drawbacks, Freelancing has a great awakening in the coming time. It offers you a platform by which you can generate extra income to make life easier and fulfill many requirements.

Best part of it is that it is flexible, you can do it according to your time. It gives you the chance to live and complete your passion or hobby which you have to keep aside because of requirements or conditions of your life. You can choose the field related to your hobby where you can provide your services.

freelancing business opens the door for your further progress. So take benefits of it, if you have sufficient experience and skills too.


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