Google AdWords And Its Keyword Planning

Advertise with AdWords
Advertise with AdWords

Hello everyone,

Google Adwords, what is this? What is the role of Google AdWords in the world of the web? How to use it to make your business famous? All these kinds of queries will be satisfied with this article.

Google AdWords, now known as google ads, has been initially released on 23 October 2000. Google wanted to give all of its users such a platform, through which all of you can do online advertisements, make your business popular and bind users from all over the world with your business, services or brand. So Google developed Google AdWords.

Google AdWords is based on the bidding system. It works on a cost per click method which means every advertiser has to pay some money when users click on their ads. The minimum CPC cost is approximately $ 0.20 to $ 30+. The average CPC cost is between $1 and $2. Through Google AdWords, you can make your product or any kind of service familiar to the users by displaying your business’s ad on search result pages and improve and increase the level and status of your business but it is not free, it is paid.

benefits of google adwords
benefits of Google AdWords

Benefits of Google AdWords

There are so many benefits of Google AdWords, you will observe after using it.

  • Google AdWords is more effective and faster than SEO. Both terms are the strategies of search engine marketing for leads and traffic. But SEO takes too much time to target its aim, it is a very long term process whereas, through Google AdWords, traffic related to your ad generate on your website very soon, you can see the visibility of visitors within very short time, you can target many keywords at a time, you can on or off your ad campaign when you want to do like this. Also, you can get the most searched keyword ideas for SEO promotion.
  • Through Google AdWords, you can increase awareness about your brand or service. In Google AdWords, there is an option of boosting your ad, you can target and reach many users for your brand at one time with the help of this option.
  • In Google AdWords, you can run your ad and promote your brand through Emails also, it is called Email Marketing. You can take your brand to millions of people by this facility. It is cheaper than search ads.
  • One more advanced benefit of Google AdWords is that you can retarget and reconnect those visitors who were connected with you or visit your website but leave your website without any action. So obviously traffic will be higher on your website in this way.
  • If you choose Google AdWords to promote your business, it is easy to know the progress of your ad, from where your visitors are coming, who clicked on your ad, how much traffic available on your website, which keyword has been targeted many times etc. In the brief, you can calculate everything about your ad campaign on Google AdWords.
  • There is one more facility in Google AdWords, which is google analytics. You should connect your AdWords account with google analytics to explore your ad campaign because google analytics tells you everything about your ad like which page of your website visitor has visited, how much time visitor has remained on your website and every detail about visitor’s arrival and departure.
  • Nowadays, online businesses are more successful comparatively. If you are not taking advantage of online business, you are in loss because today’s life is very busy and every person wants to save time. They don’t have enough time to go to the market for shopping so they go online and shop what they want and need. To connect your business with Google AdWords and give hard competition to your competitor and become successful.
how to sign in google adwords
how to sign in Google AdWords

How to make a Google AdWords account

In order to start with Google AdWords, you should make an account on Google AdWords site. For this open google ads account home page and then enter the email, you want to use to sign in to open the account. Then google verify your email account and then click continue and start making ad campaigns.


How To Make Ad Campaign On Google AdWords

  • Sign up – First of all, just go on the Google AdWords website and click the sign-up button. For this, you must have a google account if you have not then created it. After that, you can sign up google AdWords. Then you will have to fill every necessary information.
  • Set your budget – Now you have to set your budget on how you want to spend on your ad per day so that there will be a decided limit for your expenditure and your expenses will never cross the defining limit of your budget. You can set your budget according to visitors how many come on your website and how many visitors convert into your customers. The place where people take much interest in your product or business and purchase, you should increase your budget but from where you are not getting a good response, you should not spend much money to run your ad at that place. By this you will come to know about the conversion rate of your ad. This is also known as cost per acquisition (CPA). After setting your budget, click the save button.
  • Select your audience – now you have to target your related audience to your business or service. For this, you have to shortlist country-wise, city-wise or Radius basis location targeting where you want to show your ad and from where you get maximum searches for your biding keywords from users, located at those places, specified by you. You can also choose radius targeting around your willing locations.
  • Select your ad type – Google AdWords offers you two types of network options, one is Search Engine ad and another is Display ad. The search network shows your ads on search engine results page where it can be seen by those who type your keywords and want to see and collect information about those products or services, you want to promote and the display network shows your ads on every website that aims to show ads. You will have to face an irrelevant audience and unwanted clicks because of the display ads option. So you should always choose the search network because by this you will get your related audience and you will be escaped yourself from the extra expenditure.
  • Select your related keywords – keywords are the specific words that a user type in the google search bar when they want to know about something. Google allows you to choose 15-20 keywords but You should choose the appropriate keywords for your ad which have great search numbers. But at the same time, you should always remind that Google AdWords is based on the bidding system and high search keywords may be expensive for you to choose them. So select the keywords according to your budget.

There are four types of keywords. It is up to you which one you want to choose and in which form you want to display your ad. These are

ad campaign

  • Broad match – it is a default setting on Google AdWords. This type of keywords matching shows your ad to all the searches which are similar to your keywords and all those visitors who type a little bit misspelling, synonyms related to your keywords, etc. So it allows you to display your ad on a vast and broad scale. But it has one disadvantage too and that is, many times it happens that people who don’t exactly search your ad’s related keywords on the search result page but because of board match your ad may be shown to them.
  • Broad modifier – board modifier is an up-gradation in the field of board match. It makes your keywords specific and gives them a secure boundary by adding just ‘+’ before your keywords. So people who search for other keywords not having any kind of similarity with your keyword, can not see your ad. Only the searches having, synonyms, your ad will show on search results pages. For example, if anyone searches, primary schools nearby, he cannot see your ad but if anyone searches the best primary school in Delhi, related searches like best primary school in Delhi, synonyms then your ad will show to him because of board match modifier. No extra and unwanted traffic on your website.
  • Phrase match – The next keyword type is Phrase match keywords. It is more beneficial for business owners because it offers your keywords more control. In the Phrase match, your keywords are locked in ‘inverted commas’. The person who searches the exact keyword, only then your ad will appear on search results. For example, if you choose the keyword “the best primary school in Delhi”, then your ad will not show those people who search the normal keywords like the list of primary schools and primary schools nearby, etc.,. So to be made more specific your keywords, just choose Phrase match keywords.
  • Exact match – as the name reflects, your ad will appear only when the user searches the same and exact keyword on the search bar. You can also use brackets for your exact match keywords. For example, [the best primary school in Delhi]. It can slow the speed of your ad campaign at the starting but it is safer from extra and unwanted traffic.
  • Negative keywords – Google AdWords provides an excellent facility to its users, according to this, you can choose some negative keywords which you don’t want to show your ad, searched by an irrelevant audience.
  • The next step is to set your bid – Bid means the payment you want to pay for per click (PPC) by your users on your ad. To set a more effective bid, you should aware of your competitors and market competition. Google presents two options for you to set the bid, first is google can do this work for you and you can yourself set the bid. If you are a newcomer in this field, let google set the bid until you are not aware and familiar with the tactics of the Adword field. Once you got the mastery, you can manually set the bid according to you.
  • Content – The next step is to write something about your business, brand or service which you want to promote. It must be a typical job but you will have to do it because this is the way, you can tell the audience about your offer. But your message should be so effective and influential that the user became compel and could not stop himself/herself to click on your ad and this click convert into purchasing. Your content must be so appealing that a user should feel that this is this thing, he/she is looking for.

After done with content, click save button and do the last part of creating an ad. At this point, you will be asked about the payment part by Google.

Keyword Planner


You can choose your keywords through Keyword Planner in Google AdWords. It is a free tool offered by google ads that provide the data which is based on the keyword searches on google search pages. It helps you in search of the most appropriate keywords for your business or service, tells you how many times that keyword has been searched, it informs you about the bid suggested for each keyword. On the basis of these tips, you can choose the best keyword and according to the bid, you can decide your budget to promote your business or service. You should click at the toolbar at the top of the page, then choose the ‘Keyword Planner’ option.


Google analytics

Google AdWords offers you one more facility which is to track your ad’s progress. Through this facility, you can observe that your ad is performing well or not, what is the user’s behavior for your brand or service. It is an analytical tool for SEO and to fulfill marketing purposes. For this purpose, you have to connect google ads to google analytics.

How To Link Google AdWords With Google Analytics
  • First of all open google analytics
  • In google analytics, click Admin and select the account, you want to track and manage.
  • Then go to the property option and click Adwords linking option.
  • Now click + new link group option.
  • Then select all the accounts, you want to link with google analytics.
  • Now choose and enter the title of your link group.
  • Now you should activate all the accounts where you want AdWords data.
  • Now click the option, link accounts.

What Is Tracking Code

Tracking code is a small piece of JavaScript code that observes and tracks all the activities of a user which he/she has done at your website and after that, it transfers all the data to the analytics module. This code is different for every website. If you want to see your ad’s progress and want to track it, you should install the code on your page of the website.

How To Find An ID To Track Your Ad
  • First of all, you should sign in your google analytics in your google ads account.
  • Then click the Admin option.
  • Now you should select an account from the menu in the left-hand side column named account.
  • The next step is to select a property from the menu in the middle column named property.
  • Under the column property, you should click Tracking info>Tracking code. Now your tracking ID and property number both are active and displayed on the top of the page.
How To Track An Ad
  • For this, you will have to sign in your google analytics account.
  • In the left sidebar, you should choose the traffic sources option.
  • After that, click the option campaigns.
  • In the campaigns, choose and type the name of that campaign you want to track.
  • At last, press the product conversion key to check the activity of your campaign. How many user’s activity has been converted into the desired action.

What Is Conversion And How To Calculate The Conversion Rate

Conversion, it is a kind of activity done by a user on your website such as sign up, purchasing, etc. In other words, when a visitor’s activity converts into your desired action, it is called conversion.

Conversion rate is how many this kind of converted activities occur on your website. An e-commerce website’s success depends on the conversion rate. How much high conversion rate a website has, it is as much success.

To find the conversion rate, you should calculate all the conversions. For this purpose, you should divide the number of product purchased within a limited time period by the total number of visitors on your website, after doing so you should multiply that number by 100.

Conversion rate = (conversions divided by visitors) x 100

adwords audience category
adwords audience category

How To Target Audience In Google Ads

Google AdWords is a modern and effective way to promote your business or services, to reach millions of audiences. In Google AdWords, you can target your audience on the basis of age, gender, interest, and location. The perfection to show your ad to the right audience make your business more famous and worldwide. For this purpose, you have to make different ad groups, and according to these ad groups, you have to target your audiences.

Steps To The Target Audience

  • First of all, you should sign in your google ads account.
  • Then go in the page menu and click the option Audiences.
  • Then click the ( + ) plus button present there.
  • Then click the option of Select an ad group. After that, you will have to choose a campaign and ad group from the list that appears in front of you. This is your choice whether you choose a campaign or ad group from the list or search according to your choice, for which you want to target the audiences.
  • Now choose the audience you want to target for your campaign or ad group. It is up to you which audience you choose, who already have visited your website or new.
  • The next step is to click the checkbox and add the audiences, you want to. This process adds them to your audience targeting list.
  • At last, click the save button.

Google AdWords Certification Program

Google ads give a certificate to those people who prove their perfection by clearing the basic and advanced procedure of Google AdWords and pass the fundamental exam and google recognizes them as an expert in online advertising. This certificate on behalf of Google AdWords is free. To find this certificate, you just need to sign up as google partner, then you will have to open study guides and pass all the procedures.

In Google AdWords, ads are approved within a minimum of 24 hours and maximum in 3 business days.

So in this modern age, Google AdWord is the best and an easy option to take your business to a high level sitting in one place. You need not wander here and there and to accept any other way to promote your business or service and get the related audiences. Just combine your business or service with Google AdWords and feel relax to see your business’s progress.


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