What are Google algorithms – Importance, History, Updates

google algorithms
google algorithms

Google algorithms, what are they? What are the functions of these algorithms? All kind of this information, you will find in this article.

First of all, to increase your knowledge, I want to tell you who wrote Google algorithms because, I think, very few people will know about it.

Bharat was the person behind Google news. Then Singhal re-wrote the original Google algorithms that had already been written by Larry Page.

After his name Google used an algorithm named PageRank which helps Google in measuring the importance of website pages to provide them good rank.

google algorithm
google algorithm

Google Algorithms – What Are They

They are a kind of typical system from Google which collected all the information or data on the basis of relevancy or its worthiness to cure the query of users. Google search engine work on the knot of two things, one is algorithms and second is various ranking signals. The ranking of any webpage is depend on these two things. They check the relevancy of webpage on its search engine results pages and provide the rank.

In other words, you can say that Google algorithms are rules and regulations of Google to set ranking of any webpage and to solve the problem of its users.

Types of Google Algorithms

There are many algorithms available on Google for its easiness to find out which webpage is more useful and full of information which helps you to solve your problem. They are

  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • Hummingbird
  • Pigeon
  • Mobile
  • Rankbrain
  • possum
  • Fred

Now I will give you a brief about all of them.

panda update
panda update

Google Algorithm Panda

It is an official algorithm of Google which has been developed to differentiate the content between high quality and low quality on search results.

Panda elevates the unique and worthy sites and webpages on top and the websites which has a thin and weak content, It takes them to the low class as Panda algorithm works and runs itself continuously as a part of Google’s indexing and scoring system.

Panda algorithm has been launched on February 24, 2011.

penguin update
penguin update

Google Algorithm Penguin

Penguin works like a code for Google to identify and remove those websites from search results which do not follow the rules and regulations of Google and use duplicate and unnatural link on their website, use black-hat SEO to artificially increase the ranking of their webpage. But the truth is opposite, ranking of such kind of websites will become lower, not get a high rank.

It has been launched on April 24, 2012.

hummingbird update
hummingbird update

Google Algorithm Hummingbird

Hummingbird is also an important algorithm for Google. Its name has been derived from the speed and accuracy of a hummingbird. It helps Google to present the exact match information for the keyword, a user search.

It takes the user directly on the appropriate page. If any webpage has not exact and similar match for the search keyword, Hummingbird makes it possible for Google to solve the problem to present something related content, synonyms for the searcher.

It is based on natural language quarries rather than tough and very typical keywords.

It has been launched on August 22, 2013

pigeon update
pigeon update

Google Algorithm Pigeon

Pigeon works on both on page and off page SEO. Its purpose is to increase the ranking of local listing in searches. User’s location is also very important in it.

Because of this Google map search results and normal Google search results both are affected. After that Google map must considerate and focus all the local places that a user searches.

You should make worthy backlinks, not artificial or spammy only for increase ranking. Pigeon can stop and imposed a penalty on your website.

It is updated on July 24, 2014 in US and

On December 22, 2014 in UK, Canada, Australia

mobile algorithm-update
mobile algorithm-update

Google Algorithm Mobile

Google introduced its new algorithm named mobile. Its purpose is to promote mobile search results and the ranking of mobile friendly pages must be higher from SERPs.

Mobile algorithms has been formed on April 21, 2015

Rankbrain update
Rankbrain update

Google Algorithm Rankbrain

Rankbrain is like a learning machine and a part of Google algorithm Hummingbird. It helps Google to understand the meaning hide behind the search query and keyword and cure the queries to provide the best and exact match results. It is third an important ranking factor for Google.

If any search query is not familiar to Rankbrain, it serves the word having similar meaning as search results. By this user gets satisfaction.

It is in use from October 26, 2015.

Possum update
Possum update

Google Algorithm Possum

Possum update is very important and useful for Google. It shows the local listing in search results for searchers. Possum creates a connectivity between region and user’s location with map so that all confusion should be cleared.

For example, you search any institute in Faridabad, then Google shows you the list of all the related institutes in Faridabad. It is because of Possum.

There is no confusion between local user and local business, you reach at the exact place, no need to wander here and there.

This update came in form on September 1, 2016.

Fred update
Fred update

Google Algorithm Fred

Fred is Google’s update algorithm which has been designed with a purpose to target those websites which have crossed Google’s guidelines. The websites which follow black hat SEO with excessive eagerness for money and profit are the target of it.

Fred algorithm always keeps on searching this kind of websites loaded with low quality content, extra ads, there is nothing beneficial for users. It seems that this kind of websites are created only for revenue and their own profit. Fred algorithm hit this kind of websites to maintain the level of Google.

All these algorithms are called Google’s spider or crawlers, they help Google to provide search results. Google has a very huge list of keywords, web pages or websites that help a user to find search results.

Google uses an algorithm named PageRank that rank a webpage on the basis of its relevancy or worth on SERP

Google Algorithms For SEO

Google algorithms target keywords or phrases to decide the rank for a website. If you want that the ranking of your website go high, then the only way is to do SEO.

Through SEO, establish a connectivity between your website and Google. Google comes to know through SEO that there is a website or webpage based on this topic and crawl your website or webpage via these algorithms.

If your website or webpage is according to Google’s all these algorithms, Google gives you the better chance to connect people with your webpage or website and increase ranking.

You should know all these rules and regulations, algorithms, of Google to make your website or webpage worthy and worldwide. You can make your career through it and enjoy a fruitful future.

I hope this information is useful and much sufficient for you and your knowledge will enhance after reading it.



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