How To Run Ads On Facebook – Online Promotion Through Facebook

facebook ads
facebook ads

Hello everyone,

Are you a user of Facebook? Are you interested to know the advanced features of Facebook? Do you want to know how you can promote your business or services through Facebook? How to use Facebook ads in your favor?

In this article, I want to make you more familiar, more attached to Facebook. Facebook is not only a medium of enjoyment but it can help you in promotion of your business or services and establish a connection between you and your customers as well.

As millions of people connect with Facebook from all over the world, but how many know that Facebook can be a medium of popularity and promotion of their business.

Facebook – A Medium Of Business’s Growth

With the help of Facebook, you can target more customers and spread your business or service in the whole world. It is an essential and easy way to target and connect the audience from all over the world.

For this, Facebook provides the facility of making ads in order to be famous and make a connection with a number of people related to your business or service through it. Through Facebook ads, you can easily find and connect the right customers who really want that brand or service, you are promoting.

Online Promotions Through Facebook

Online promotions through Facebook ads are very beneficial for your business or service. With the help of Facebook ads, you can get more customers than offline businesses. In offline businesses, you can wander here and there, use many things like banner, pamphlets, etc to make people come to know about your business or service, but not get satisfactory results.

But if you choose the option to promote your business online using Facebook, it is quite easy to get connected with lots of customers sitting at one place. Reach of your business or service to the people will be increased automatically. The best part of this is that you can easily target those people directly that are related to your business or service. In other words, you can say it a part of Facebook marketing.

Now I want to draw your attention towards many kinds of ads available on Facebook according to your need or demand. These are as:

Types of Facebook Ads

types of facebook ads
types of facebook ads
  • Image ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Collection ads
  • Leads ads
  • Dynamic ads
  • Messenger ads

So you see that Facebook provides a list of ads for your comfort and for the betterment of your business or eCommerce store as well as services. You can choose any one of them and go ahead in the world of business.

Now you will be curious to know about all types of ads so that it became easy to choose which one is best for you. let’s start

  1. Image ads – these types of ads are very simple but effective at the same time. For facebook ads, you should have a facebook page. After that, you should post related to your business or service regularly on your page. The post, you want to promote, must have an image and then boost that post.
  2. Video ads – you can also run your business’s ad through videos on facebook platform. Through videos, you can easily make your customers understood what type of business is and about your products or services. But for this you have to create your own videos, not copy-paste.
  3. Carousel ads – in this type of ads, facebook gives you the facility to present many images of your product or service in one frame. You can show different phases and the looks of your product can show different products in one frame.
  4. Slideshow ads – slideshow ads are very impressive as they are able to draw the viewer’s attention. In this, you can make slides of your product’s videos or images. They continuously run before the eyes of viewers and create a curiosity or build an interest in customers.
  5. Collection ads – these ads are mainly formed for mobile users because many manufacturers post the collection of their products or brands on their mobile facebook page. This is beneficial for those who like to shop on their mobile. Therefore, this is very easy and comfortable for such kind of people, just open your facebook and find a collection of many products.
  6. Leads ads – leads ads are a very important part of the Facebook ads. Leads ads mean run an ad for your product or service and in return how many quires came and how many people want to know about your product. People show interest and ask to know everything from you by calling or come to you by following the address, you provide on your facebook page. Through these ads, you can come to know the demand of your product and user’s thinking about your product.
  7. Dynamic ads – dynamic ads play an essential role in the field of product’s promotion. Through these ads, you are able to target those visitors who came to your facebook page or website, showed interest in your product or saved in their wish list but did not purchase. You can remind those users to make purchases with the help of dynamic ads. In other words, dynamic ads work like retargeting. They don’t allow user to go anywhere.
  8. Messenger ads – you can run your business’s ad and make people familiar with your product or service through facebook messenger. When you create an ad, just choose the option messenger on your Facebook page. You can have a conversation with your customers related to your product or service.

I have told some kinds of facebook ads, you can promote your business or services using anyone of them.

Now I want to take you one step ahead and that is how to create an ad on facebook. What are the steps that are necessary for a facebook ad campaign?


How To Create A Facebook Ad

Facebook is a very useful and easy to reach and connect people app. You will find it as a vast platform for promoting your business or service. For this, you will have to create an ad campaign.

For the ad campaign, you will have to open your facebook page and then click the option create for making a new ad campaign.

Here you will find many options for your ad campaign. It is up to you which one is suitable for your business or service, in which form you want to make your ad. Those options are:

  • Brand awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App installation
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Messages
  • Conversions
  • Catalog sales
  • Store traffic

Select any one option according to your need and what do you want for your product or service. Choose that option that complete your purpose of creating an ad for your business’s promotion.

But one thing is essential for you to know and that is, you have to pay per click for conversion ads and pay per impression for traffic and lead ads.

Name Your Facebook Ad Campaign

campaign name
campaign name

After choosing one objective mentioned above, you have to select a name for your campaign so that you might remember and recognize your facebook ad campaign. This process will be very helpful for you if you have run many ad campaigns.

Set Up Facebook Ads Account

facebook ad account
facebook ad account

Next step for your facebook ad campaign is to set up your ad account on Facebook. Click that option and then you will find yourself at the next step and that is to fill your details to set ad account like your country, currency etc. and then continue. Fill your details very carefully because you can not change it.

Target Audience For Facebook Ads

audience target for facebook ads
audience target for facebook ads

Now the main point of your ad campaign is to target your related audience for your product or service. For this, you have to select the location which you want to target, age group of people that you want to connect with, gender, interest-based audience and have a look at people’s behavior.

These are the basics on which the success of your facebook ad campaign depends. If you select and target the right audience, your ad campaign will be successful. After selecting all these, see the right side of the screen. Here you will find the exact reach of your ad campaign such as likes, views, actions, etc.

Facebook Ads Placements


Now you have to choose the network platform where you want to show your ad. But if you create your first ad campaign, so go with automatic placement option. It will show your ad on many social networks like facebook, messenger, Instagram, etc. from where you will get better result.

Set Your Budget

Facebook ad budget
Facebook ad budget

Next step is to set your budget, means how much money you want to spend on your Facebook ad campaign. Here are two options, you can select daily budget or desired days.

After that you have to set starting date and ending date to schedule your ad as well as timings of per day, you have to set. It means which timings are suitable for showing your ad so that many people can see your ad positively.

Here I want to inform you that scheduled ads on facebook are more effective and the right choice to spend your budget in the right way. No wastage of your money.

Create Ad

When everything has been chosen according to your need, this time is to select ad format, means, in which look you want to see your ad.

After selecting ad format, click the preview button, available at the bottom of the page. This button is for giving you the surety that the look of your ad is perfect or not, every information, you have filled for your ad, is ok or not. The benefit of this button is that you can change anything in your ad information if you find anything wrong.

If everything is right and perfect according to your choice and need, click the confirm button. After that wait for some time. When facebook approve your ad, it sends you an email for confirmation of approval of your ad.

Now I want to clear one more thing and that is the size of single image ads. I think it is necessary to aware of this because if the size of your image ad will not be accurate, your ad will not look perfect and impressive.

Right Size Of An Image For Facebook Ad

So before creating an ad on Facebook, keep in your mind the right size of the image, you want to use for your facebook ad and that is – 1,200 x 628 pixel. I think the success of your online promotion using facebook is, somehow, related to images because the first impression of anything depends on how the thing is looking.

So you see how much Facebook is useful and can become your partner in your brand or service’s promotion and growth. This is very easy to run ads on facebook, just follow the steps, I have mentioned above, and earn more profit.



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