Mobile Web Marketing – How To Promote Your Business Through Mobile


Mobile web marketing, what is it and how you can use it for the betterment of your business.

As all of you know that everyone has become used to mobile and it is in hands every time. So in this way, it has become very easy to connect your business or service to your mobile. This is the most convenient way to make people familiar with your product or service in this modern age.

Mobile web marketing is a digital strategy based on many channels like SMS, MMS, Email, Social media and apps. You can do digital marketing and target your related audience through your mobile, Smartphone, tablets or other mobile devices. It is an important, effective part of online marketing.

Today there is a broad scope of mobile web marketing because it is in your hands to take your business online, promote and make advertisements using all the mediums and facilities of it.


Importance Of Mobile Web Marketing

Mobile web marketing is very easy and effective comparatively because nowadays, every person has a Smartphone and it has become more important than even your family members, friends and other people in your life. So you can find your users and audience through mobile easily. Second is, every person prefers to go online for shopping so it is beneficial for you and your business.

In this way, mobile is the best way to promote your product and reach more and more users faster than any other mediums of marketing.

Through mobile web marketing, user’s response and clicks are more and quicker than any other marketing method. So response rates are higher because mobile phones remain in your user’s hand always and user can click and do any activity at any time and anywhere.

You can reach, target and make your audience aware of your product or business by SMS or notifications through mobile marketing.


Advantages Of Mobile Web Marketing

  • Mobile phones are now available in every hand and at every place. A person uses smartphone 80% of his whole day so it is easy to define your product and to target him/her because mobile phones have become a basic need for everyone.
  • Mobile marketing provides a better and broad market for you, you can connect millions of people very easily. It covers the whole market because it is easy to purchase a smartphone than a PC, laptop, etc.
  • It is quite easy to deal with mobile marketing than any other medium. This medium makes the marketing process very easy. For instance, a user can take a screenshot or download the image of any product and when he has sufficient time to see and observe that image and then go to the website and complete the marketing process and purchase.
  • You can get quick result by mobile marketing as most of the time, Smartphone is in the hands of users and they are using their device so users receive SMS or notification which have been sent. If the user is interested in that product, he/she replies hand to hand.
  • As you know that the screen of mobile phones is small, not very large, the information related to the product or brand should be point to point that can be displayed easily. This makes the content writers very comfortable because it gives a limit to the content and they have to write very short and effective information related to the product for users.
  • You can track user’s response through mobile marketing and collect user data. Many people use the same number for a long time, this makes it easy for the mobile advertiser to understand user’s behavior, interest, etc. Then according to the user’s interest and demand, the advertiser modules his marketing strategy.
  • Mobile is the tool by which any information can be viral within a very short time and people used to share any useful information with their family and friends quickly. This quality is very beneficial for mobile web marketing.
  • Through mobile, you can easily connect and communicate with your users. You can send your location by which the user can come to you with the help of GPS or Google Maps.
  • Payment system through mobile has been made very convenient. You need not to take any kind of tension in the case of online payment because it is very secure. You can use payment gateways for it.

Different Types Of Mobile Web Marketing

  • SMS / MMS / Video
  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile games
  • Mobile banner advertising
  • Mobile local search
  • Mobile paid search

Some Ways To Generate Mobile Traffic

As everyone knows very well that most people use smartphones for shopping. The reason for it is that they get a variety at one place and need not to go anywhere. But if you want to heavy traffic for your product, follow these steps:

  • You should make your website mobile-friendly so that users can read the product-related content without any need of resizing the screen. You should design your website in such a way that users can not stop themselves to do any kind of activity.
  • You should optimize which keywords are attracting the user and taking to your site. For this purpose, you can use Google Search Console.
  • You should be more active on social media like Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, etc., these are the very effective ways to generate traffic. So you should submit your products, services or content related keywords on those social mediums with your website’s link.
  • You should use SMS facility available on mobiles to connect a large number of people.
  • You can use QR codes for the progress of your website because QR codes are everywhere nowadays. When you scan any QR code with your mobile phone, you are redirected to the landing page of the website designed to inform you about all the products or services.
  • Many people search where their required product can be found, address, contact information, working timings etc,. So you should add all these things on your site. So that when users search your product-related information on mobile, they could easily connect and see your website as soon as possible.
  • You should target geographical audience related to your website so that you can easily deliver the product, they demand and ordered without any delay. You can track the exact location of your website user through mobile.
  • To turn your website visitors into customers, you should make your website simple, add easy to understand, impressive and pointed content so that visitors can feel a connection with you and do desired activity on your website because the content is like a bridge between you and your audience. For this, the purchasing process should be simpler.
  • Add more and more call to action buttons on your website for mobile marketing.
  • You should add click to call button on your page so that users come on your page and call you to place an order.
  • The users who shop through mobile marketing, prefer a variety of payment methods. So you should be able to accept payment through different payment gateways. For this, you should add many payment options on your website because every user uses a different payment method.
mobile marketing campaign
mobile marketing campaign

Tips For A Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

  • There is a basic and great need to make your business success that you should do a thorough study and have a complete knowledge for which kind of audiences you want to target for your product. On the basis of this study, you should run your mobile ad campaign.
  • These days many advertising platforms are available on social media. You should use them for more traffic and leads for your business or product.
  • There should be clarity in your ad campaign about your motives, targets and about everything so that user can easily come to know and understand the utility of your product.
  • You should install Google My Business app on your mobile and make a profile and start your product’s promotion. Through this app, you can target your local audience. You should connect your business with Google Maps so that users easily search your address and information.
  • There must be a personal touch in your ad campaign so that users can feel that this is the product which they need and search. You can tell everything about your product to your users in the form of an emotional story because mobile users like tales.
  • Your website must be navigable that makes it easy for your user to go through your website and find everything which he wants to see or know.

Tools For Mobile Marketing

  • Yelp
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Content Marketing Tools On Mobile

  • WordPress
  • SlideShare

Mobile Website Management Tools

  • Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool
  • Google analytics
  • Google’s PageSpeed tools

Mobile Time Management Tools

  • Hootsuite
  • Trello
  • Slack

Disadvantages Of Mobile Web Marketing

If there are benefits of mobile marketing, there are some disadvantages too.

  • Mobile comes in many sizes and their screen is also very small to view anything. You have to look deeply and continuously if you want to see and read something. To do so, sometimes your eyes feel tired. There are different mobile browsers so there is confusion and something difficult to choose the better.
  • There are many mobile service providers or browsers that’s why you can not decide which one you should choose on the basis of privacy because every user wants that their communication with the advertiser should remain private.

This technique of marketing is more useful and profitable for small businesses.

Mobile acts like a mediator between you and your audiences. So the scope of mobile marketing is increasing day by day. It is the best option for online visibility.

You should also be aware of mobile marketing and its advantages so that you can attract many users and stay successful


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