Online Reputation Management (ORM) – A Complete Guide


What is online reputation management? What are the benefits of it and how can you use it? How can you improve people’s thinking about your business or service by ORM? So many questions like this and maybe, having some curiosity to know about it.

If you want an impressive image and reputation of your and your product or service online and want to maintain it, go with Online Reputation Management because this is the way that will help you in this matter.

First of all, I am highlighting some points which I have discussed in this article.

  • Benefits of ORM
  • ORM Tools
  • Importance of ORM
  • ORM for SEO
  • Strategy of Online Reputation Management

and many more information, you will find in this article.

What Is Online Reputation Management

online reputation is related to what people think about your business, brand, person, product or service on the internet or many digital platforms and how it can be managed and improved user’s thinking and reviews for your business, it is called management.

online management monitors your business or brand’s reputation on the internet and uses user’s feedback to improve your online presence by solving many problems related to your business so that they can not harm your reputation. It is also called e-reputation.


Importance of Online Reputation Management

Nowadays, ORM plays an important role in the success of any business or brand. As in any business run on the internet, there is always remain botheration for what customers will say or think, will they give negative comments or not and many more tensions.

But ORM solves all of these kinds of your tensions as it manages user’s online reviews before they can damage your online reputation and acquire new customers for your businesses.

To improve and maintain your online reputation, ORM monitors everything related to your brand or business in the entire online field like forums, web search engines, blogs, social networking sites, etc.

ORM has a great impact on digital marketing too. What people will think about you and your company, it depends on what Google show on SERPs related to your products or services. Any customer, old or new, read reviews before online purchasing anything. If you have negative reviews, it will be bad to worse for your business. To escape your online business from these kinds of conditions, Online Reputation Management becomes a necessity to improve your online marketing.

Difference between ORM and SEO

Both terms are related to the internet or develop your online presence. But there is a minor difference between the two.

As SEO is done for increasing the search engine ranking of your content or website but ORM has a broad meaning than SEO. ORM is used to manage and increase the online reputation of any brand, business, person, site, etc. and it is obvious when your online will be well and good, ranking will grow itself.


Strategies of Online Reputation Management

How can you improve your business’s reputation on the internet? Here are some strategies and techniques which can play an important role in the improvement and management of your online reputation.

  • When you post something on your website, you should always be aware of its progress. Track and keep monitoring your post or add because these are the things that make and affect your reputation on the internet.
  • Always keep your eye on the online reviews related to your business or brand and reply to them continue to establish a relationship with your customers.
  • User always searches and believes those who are perfect and make an influential presentation and figure on the internet so you should also do this for your business’s better future.
  • it is your duty that you should not ignore minor to minor things about your online business including your employee’s insights too. Try to manage and improve everything to build a perfect reputation on the internet.
  • To get a better online reputation, pay your full attention on SEO. SEO is the way by which search engines come to your website and crawl it and then give ranking to your website at the right place on Google. In this way, you should completely concentrate to do SEO for your website. So SEO creates a path to build up your online reputation.
  • A part of your business’s success is to build a faith, a believe in your customers for you. So always keep your words and promises. Sometimes it happens, you are not able to complete your promise then what to do. In this condition, you can offer a discount or something free with the product so that customers always keep faith and trust in you and this is a must for your online reputation.
  • Another way for your online better presentation is that you should ask and encourage your users who are satisfied with your product or services, post positive comments, and their reviews. In this way, your online rating will be increased.
  • Always keep in mind negative reviews too. Don’t ignore them because these are the comments which tell you about the shortcomings of your business or service. Also, deal professionally with those negative reviews and apologizes for your mistakes and give them a promise for better service and will never happen such mistakes in the future.
  • If you have become successful in making a positive thinking of users about yourself, you can take benefit of referral promotion of your business or service too. Your customers will refer your brand or service to others, share your website’s link with their family and friends.
  • Most effective platforms in these days to make your business familiar and establish connectivity with millions of users, Social Media. So you must be active on many platforms of it like facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. and take advantage of them.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management

  • ORM is much beneficial for your business as you know very well that every person does online research before purchasing. Buyer will hesitate and perhaps not interested to buy that product having negative reviews. In that case, ORM solves your problem and manage and improve your product’s presentation.
  • ORM always monitors your brand’s reputation and saves you from any crises and disaster can be happened due to negative news spread about your business.
  • ORM maintains your business or brand’s online reputation because your online presence or reputation affects your site’s ranking. Google has an algorithm that can de-rank or ban your website because of poor content or weak customer service.
  • If you pay full attention to the user’s demand or need, your reputation on the internet will become well and good, the user will show interest in your business or brand, will give good comments and all these things will be in your favor.

Online reputation management tools

Tools play an important role to complete an activity or process. Therefore, this rule is applicable for ORM also. There are many tools which can make the process of ORM very easy. These are :

  1. Awario – it is a social listening tool that makes online reputation management very easy as it monitors what people say about your brand on every platform of social media and the web and allows you to reply to them from the app. It provides you a tool named Sentiment Analysis, by this tool, you will find a sentiment graph in the dashboard which shows you all the positive and negative comments about your business. Awario offers plans of 3 types: starter ($29/mo) for individuals, pro ($89/mo) for SMBs and enterprise ($299/mo) for agencies and big brands. It offers you a free trial before choosing any plan.
  2. Reputology – this is one of the famous tools of ORM. It monitors and manages all reviews for your local and multi-location businesses and your online reputation. It tells you the reputation of your brand across all the locations where your business is spread. The best part of this tool is that it combines with Hootsuite. Hootsuite makes it very easy for you to monitor and manage all reviews along with all your social accounts. Reputology takes charges from $10 to $49/mo for per location. You can take a free trial before choosing it.
  3. SEO SpyGlass – it is something different from other tools as it does not specifically monitor your reputation but it has a spy eye on that platform from where your reputation comes, SEO. So it monitors your backlink profile and saves your site from spammy or bad links so that the ranking of your website could not be affected and ruined. At the same time, it offers you one more facility that is Domain comparison module. Its most of the plans are paid and starts at $124 per license.
  4. – it is the tool that gathers all the positive reviews among all the reviews, related to your business or brand, given by your customers on many channels through ad campaigns. It has 3 plans: Professional – $90/mo, Agency – $200/mo, Enterprise – $1500/mo. It offers you a free trial if you want to test this tool.
  5. Google Alerts – it is a simple online reputation monitoring tool and it is free of cost. Just tell it the name of the site which you want to monitor and it will send you an email for every new movement. It is based on Email alerts.
  6. Social mention – nowadays, as you know, there are so many social media platforms that it is very tough to deal with. In this condition, this is a very difficult task to monitor your online reputation. But now this is quite easy because of tools like Social Mention. You just open it and type what you want to search and know and then you will find the exact place where it has been displayed across all the social media platforms. This tool gives you the facility of Email Alerts also. It is a free tool.
  7. Mention – it is a tool like social mention but more advanced. It has a lot of features. It provides you a dashboard where you can store all of your data collected by tracking all your social media platforms, analysis all the reviews and give your response. It is much beneficial when your business is run on a board scale, many people reacted to your social media channels. It is not a free tool.
  8. Rize Reviews – it is the tool which helps you in monitoring and securing more increasing reviews. It provides a dashboard where you can observe all the reviews, new or old. It also helps you in getting more positive reviews by sending emails to your customers for their feedback. On the top of it, Rize Reviews provides one more facility named website widget. With the help of it, you can place your best reviews on your website, doing so, you are able to attract more viewers.

But you have to be patient because the whole process of Online reputation management takes time. It can be few days or few months too.

What IsThe Duty of Online Reputation Manager

It is a duty of responsibility to maintain and improve a company’s online reputation. It is the duty of reputation manager to create a positive image of a company and its products or services among users. All social media accounts of the company’s products or services are in his hands and he has to track and monitor, in which direction the brand is going, how many users are engaging with that product and many more informations like this. He is in charge of how to handle all these duties.

The Average Cost of Online Reputation Management

Generally, many of the online management companies charge $5000 to $20,000. They take a minimum of 50 to 200 hours to complete the process.

So online reputation management is the most important part to increase your online presence and reputation. As much as your reputation is well and good, your business will increase day by day. But for this, online reputation management is a must for the betterment and popularity of your business or brand.


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