Vivo Z1 Pro Smartphone – Features, Colors, Price and Review


Do you like Vivo Smartphones? Are you waiting for the new and latest version of Vivo smartphone? You want to purchase a Vivo smartphone but don’t know which one is perfect for you. So your wait has become over as Vivo has recently launched its new series named Vivo Z1 Pro Smartphone.

First of all, I will give you a brief about the company Vivo. Vivo technology company is basically a Chinese company which has been founded in 2009. Shen Wei is the founder of this company. This company manufactures smartphones, smartphones accessories, and software of the phone.


Take a look

Vivo Z1 Pro is full of specifications, useful features and modern sensors that everyone wants in his or her smartphone. You can say it is a complete package for its users.

Starting with some of its highlight features

  • Balanced weight
  • Grip
  • Dimensions
  • Glossy look
  • Auto brightness
  • Eye protection
  • Rotation look

And many more useful and modern features about which you will come to know as you will read all the information.

 Vivo Z1 Pro Performance

Basically this smartphone is based on the Android v9.0 (Pie) operating system. The performance of Vivo Z1 Pro is trustworthy as it has been formed with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 processor.

It is the first smartphone in India which introduced this processor. It can be said that Vivo has upgraded the level of smartphones, added a new trademark or innovation in the world of smartphones.

So the processor is the best and strongest part of this device. Vivo Z1 Pro is based on the octa-core processor which makes this phone more capable of installing apps and many other activities to be done easily.


Vivo Z1 Pro Display

The display part of this smartphone is very outstanding as it has a feature of 16.59 cm display quality with 1080 x 2340 pixels of screen resolution which runs on the IPS LCD display system.

Its screen ratio which is calculated after its use is 83.17 %. It is also a touch screen smartphone because touch screen smartphones are in demand now.

Vivo Z1 Pro Design

If any part of a smartphone is responsible to attract user’s attention that is its design. Design is the first and foremost factor that leaves the first impression and Vivo has paid full attention to it.

Vivo Z1 Pro has been formed with all the important and necessary measurements such as 8.85 mm thickness, 77.33mm width, 162.39 mm height, etc. All these features make it a perfect smartphone that everyone wants to buy.

It is not a very heavyweight smartphone as well as not a very lightweight as this device has 201 grams weight. So you can say balanced weight it has. In this way, it is not a very big deal to carry it.

Vivo Z1 Pro Battery

As far as its battery life is concerned, Vivo has not disappointed you. Vivo Z1 Pro has been armed with 5000 mah power with the quality of Li-Polymer. This battery power makes you capable to use your phone for hours easily.

You can use this device without any tension of the quick discharge problem because Vivo Z 1 Pro has the facility of fast charging. So you have not to wait for a long time for a fully charged phone and no need to run for the charger again and again.

Vivo Z1 Pro Storage

The storage capacity of this smartphone is sufficient for its users as Vivo Z1 Pro has 64 GB internal memory which is expandable up to 256 GB with 4 GB RAM. This space is fair enough for all your data, apps, games, videos, photos, etc. This device makes it easy for you to store what you want to save.

Vivo Z1 Pro Camera

A very important part of smartphones these days is a camera. Many people purchase a smartphone because of cameras.

The key highlight of this device is its camera as Vivo Z1 Pro has 32 MP front camera and triple rear cameras of 16 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP with which everyone expects to have a good experience while taking pics or shooting videos.

Vivo Z1Pro has not disappointed you with its camera as the pictures you take are very good, crisp and very clear as it has an advanced feature ‘AI’ Artificial Intelligence for increasing the quality of the camera.

To add more sharpness while clicking images Vivo has added in this smartphone shooting modes and camera features like continuous shooting, high dynamic range mode, digital zoom, auto flash, face detection, etc.


Network Connectivity

The network connectivity of Vivo Z1 Pro is very sharp and strong. It is a dual sim phone which supports 4G, 3G, and 2G based on Indian bands.

It has all the network features like wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS, USB connectivity. This strong network makes it easy for you to use this device anywhere without any problem of network or signal loss.

Special Sensors

Many other sensors have also been added in this phone like a loudspeaker, FM Radio, audio jack, fingerprint sensor, light sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope to make it a complete handset.

Launch date in India

Vivo company is known for launching a smartphone one after one. In this series, Vivo has officially launched its new smartphone named Vivo Z1 Pro on July 3, 2019.

Variety in colors

Nowadays many colors are popular in the smartphone’s world. But the color scheme of those smartphones is very simple and ordinary. No attraction.

But Vivo has introduced Vivo Z1 Pro in new colors which have increased the beauty of smartphone, they are Sonic black, Sonic Blue and Mirror Black. You can choose this device in any of your favorite colors and feel very confident.

Price in India

As you know that smartphones have become a basic need for all. Everyone wants to have a smartphone in his or her hand but under their budget.

Vivo respects your this need and expectations so this device is not very costly, its price is very normal that you can bear and purchase it. The price range of Vivo Z1 Pro is approximately Rs. 15,990.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 of this device is much better than any other smartphone. It improves and takes the working feature, performance of the phone to the upper level.

The camera of this device is mind-blowing. So sharpness, so clarity in the images clicked by Vivo Z1 Pro. I am completely satisfied with this smartphone which I am seeking.

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  • Vivo Z 1 Pro Case Magnetic Adsorption Ultra Thin
  • Bounceback Shockproof Slim Electroplated Transparent Soft Back Case Cover
  • Vivo Z1 Pro Back Guard Film Carbon Fiber Finish Safety Protective Film
  • Vivo Z1 Pro Tempered Glass Anti Explosion Tempered Glass.

So you see Vivo z1 pro is filled with all those useful features which you want in this modern age. These qualities make this phone the whole packet full of many attractions.

If you want to spend some money to buy the latest smartphone, this is the best choice for you then what are you waiting for. Just go and make it yours.




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