What Is Search Engine Optimization – Importance In Digital Marketing

search engine optimization
search engine optimization

Hello everyone,

Are you crazy for SEO and do you want to know what is Search Engine Optimization? What is the role, importance and utility of SEO in digital marketing? how can you use SEO for good ranking on Google?

So many questions related to SEO will be wandering here and there in your mind. This article is full of information regarding SEO and will solve all your doubts and confusions.

So let’s start, first of all, I am going to tell you the meaning of SEO

Meaning And Importance Of SEO

SEO is a term and a strategy with broad meaning and aspect.

SEO is the base and you can say, the backbone of digital marketing. It is called Search Engine Optimization. It means the process or technique that helps in search for a web page on Google search bar and in crawling of the web page.

SEO makes it easy to categorize your business, brand or service and is very helpful for your customers and viewers to find out your business or brand amongst thousands of same occupations on Google according to category.

As much as traffic increases on your website through SEO, the ranking of your website on Google Search Engine begins to increase on the basis of worthy, most used and demanding keywords and phrases.

It is very necessary and a requirement for a website either e-commerce or a blog website. SEO is a combined package of strategy and techniques that are used and proved very helpful to increase the amount of traffic in the form of visitors and viewers on a website. The result of it is that the website gets a good ranking on SERP.

what is SEO
what is SEO

Now you will want to know whether you have to pay for SEO or it is a free process? I am discussing about this below:

Is Search Engine Optimization Paid Or Free

SEO promotes a website on many platforms of Google. This is of two types – paid or free. You can choose any one of them according to your choice. In paid SEO, you can find results in 1 or 2 days. But in the free and organic type, you have to wait for approximately 4 to 6 months to get results and so be patient and calm.

If you do SEO for your website by yourself, it is much better but if you hire someone for your website’s SEO, you have to pay a large amount of money.

As all of you will come to know about the meaning and importance of SEO, I want to upgrade your knowledge about this. As in digital marketing, everything has many aspects, similarly, SEO has two types. Types of SEO has been mentioned below:

Types of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization has been divided into two parts, on-page and off-page. Both are important for a website’s or web page’s success and good ranking. But both are opposite from each other.


On-Page SEO

As on-page SEO means the process that you follow and complete on your website when you post something to make it Google friendly. On-page SEO is related to your every content which you are posting, for which you want ranking.

You can control on On-Page SEO as you can type keyword as title of each post, you can create headings with your keywords in your post according to you and your content.

You can include related images in your content with alt text. You can type your target keywords in Alt text.

You have to make an effective and eye-catching SEO title with meta-description that contains a brief of your content. One more benefit of on-page SEO is that you can paste links on related keywords of other posts too.

Off-Page SEO

off-page SEO means to build links for your website for the purpose of good ranking on SERP. For this, you have to paste your website’s link on other websites, which is called link building or backlinks. Backlinks are most important for any website’s good ranking result.

As much you do off-page SEO, your website or web page’s ranking is as high. Off-page SEO improves your domain’s authority. As much your domain’s authority is impressive, your website’s level is as good and will be at the top of SERP.

But for this, your content must be effective and meaningful that every website like to shares your content in order to generate more and more links.

You can do guest posting on other websites and in return, those websites provide you links. This is another best way of Off-Page SEO. At the same time, you will have to focus that the websites where you build links for your website are valuable. Because quality is also essential along with link’s quantity.

There are many parts of Off-Page SEO like directory submission, commenting, classified, social bookmarking, etc. you can use these steps for link building and to increase your domain’s authority.

Both are necessary for a website’s good ranking. You cannot underrate anyone of both.

There are another two types of SEO, that are White hat SEO and Black hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is based on such techniques or strategies which don’t follow the rules of search engines. Its aim is only to get higher ranking avoiding guidelines of Google algorithms. If you want to use it, you can be punished in the form of penalty.

White Hat SEO

Whereas white hat SEO accepts and follows all the rules of search engine. Its aim is to target more and more audience.

Many people think that SEO is a very difficult task. It is too hard to be done. They are afraid to do SEO and also guide other people in the same direction. But this is not right at all. Below I am discussing about your this doubt and confusion thoroughly and I hope after reading this point, your doubt will be clear.

Is SEO A Complicated Task Or An Easy One

Some people think that doing SEO is a complicated task because it is a time-consuming work. At the same time, you should not forget that this is the base of your website and as strong the base is, your website is as impressive.


Now I will explain the truth that SEO is an easy task, not a difficult one.

For this purpose, you will have to clear some points in your mind like

  • what type of viewer or customers, you want to target
  • what are the customers searching for that is their requirement
  • your targeted keywords which can be easily searched
  • the way, you want to choose for your business’s popularity, by which viewers or customers can easily search

Once you can decide all these points, then there will be no confusion in your mind that which direction you should choose. Then doing SEO is an easy and interesting task for you with a clear mind because now you know what type of market, you need for your website.

When you start doing reputation building for your website or webpage through SEO, some basic needs occur before you. Now I am telling you about all the requirements, necessary for SEO.

Some Basic Needs For Search Engine Optimization

When you build a website and post regularly, how will people come to know about your website? This is a big question. But no need to worry because SEO solves your problem.

But for SEO, some information about your website or web page must be needed. These are:

  • The right URL of your web page or website
  • Impressive title
  • Images with alt text
  • Some description about your post
  • Mata description
  • Keywords
  • For commenting part of SEO, some HTML text

On the basis of these points, you can do SEO very easily and conveniently.

SEO makes it easier for viewers or consumers to find out your website on SERP through navigation.

There are many Search engine optimization tools available on Google for your help and convenience. You have to know about some tools that make the base of SEO strong and work like pillars of Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Here I will tell you some SEO tools which will help you for an organic and free search results and traffic on your website.

best SEO tools
best SEO tools
  • Keyword planner – it is a part of Google AdWords. It helps you to find out the most used and demanding keywords which you can use for your website or web page.
  • SEMrush – it plays an essential role in the field of SEO. As it does research keywords, aware you of your competitor’s strategy, backlink’s opportunities, etc. You can find out the websites loaded with full traffic here.
  • Longtail PRO – it is a tool for SEO keywords. Using these keywords you can defeat your competitors. Longtail keywords are very searched or targeted and beneficial for any website or webpage on SERPs.
  • Screaming Frog – through this tool, Google comes and crawls your website thoroughly. Prepare a list of all of your internal links present on your website or webpage.
  • DeepCrawl – it is a paid extension. This gives you, as its name contains the meaning, the exact information about your web page or website after deep scanning.
  • Woorank – it is a free tool for content optimization. It reports you about your website or web page’s SEO information like the length of title.
  • Ahrefs backlink checker – it is a free backlink checker of any website or web page.
  • Yoast SEO – it is a plugin needed forever. With the help of it, you can optimize and set your SEO Title and meta description.
  • SEO web page analyzer – As its name reflects, it gives you a complete analysis of your web page. It tells you about each and every little detail about your web page.
  • SERProbot – it is a free rank checking tool from Google. You can search 5 keyword’s rank at a time. Just enter your domain and keywords and then check.
  • Smush – it is an image compression and optimization tool. It is free. It compresses and optimizes the size of images on your website or webpage. It can resize the images also.
  • Open Site Explorer – This tool has been developed by Moz.com. this is an optimization tool of links. You can track your website’s links by using it and many more stats related to links.
  • Majestic – this tool is also a backlink’s checker but the difference between it and others is that Majestic tools are best at their level, you can say world-class tools. It is based on all the backlink data crawled and stored from all over the world.
  • Link Research Tool – it is an internet marketing tool. It provides you the facility of re-crawling and check the validity of links.
  • Google Search Console – it is a free tool from Google. You can track the rank of your website or web page using it.
  • Google PageSpeed checker – the speed of your website affects your ranking as Google notices your website’s speed also. How light or fast your website is, ranking depends on it too. This tool suggests you some suggestions to increase the speed of your website.

SEO is most important and has significance as it makes a website easy to view and offers many possibilities that convert a viewer into a customer. But for this, you have to wait because SEO runs on a strategic plan which attracts heavy traffic, clients, leads, etc.

What Is SEO Crawler

A crawler is a program of search engine which helps Google to collect all the data of any website present on the internet. When you do SEO for your website, SEO crawler visits to your website and picks the entire data of your website to crawl and to find out the authenticity of your content.

Through SEO, people come to know about your business or service. Then traffic begins to come on your website gradually from search engine results. In this way, SEO works like a bridge between you and your customers.

In my opinion, without SEO, digital marketing can never go ahead and never become successful. No existence of digital marketing without SEO because SEO is an unavoidable part of it.

So if you want to make your website top-ranked, completely focus and do more and more SEO of your webpage or website.

“SEO is the only rudder of your website’s boat”


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